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Hello, it\’s Nice having you here. I am Goodness ibeh by name AKA (indispensable Gudd\’schoice founder/CEO of Propellerd.com

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    About Me

Goodness ibeh is the CEO of Propellerd.com, an SEO Specialist, Writer, Content marketing, SEO Copywriter, Storyteller, Young growing entrepreneur and also he loves to engage in politics.

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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts

Speaking about my passion. I am very passionate about Education and the internet . I work per time online for a living.

Before this blog was created,  searching for questions  was what I love doing and sharing it with people around me  makes me happy.

I love to share information with people around me, that is what motivated my blogging career.

Working online all day has been so fun for me and I enjoy every bit of it.



I am an undergraduate of Human Anatomy from Ambrose Alli University (AAU).  Specialize in Neuroanatomy, a field were I will love to grow more on and work in my field of study.

I know that I will be it tremendous help in assisting you through decisions or questions relating to my field.


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Propellerd.com is the Propeller of valuable information. We cover a wide range of topics including, health, blogging, technology, finance, insurance, education, relationship tips and other related news.


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