How To Unlock A Car Door With A Screwdriver in 5 Easy Solutions. 

How To Unlock A Car Door With A Screwdriver in 5 Easy Solutions.

What do you do if you lose your car’s key or you accidentally leave it in the car? Normally you will call the car service provider or get a new key. So you have to wait for a few moments. But it will be a little bit timely and also costly. So in this situation, if you need to hurry and want to save money, you should do something instant to solve this problem. In this article you gonna know How To Unlock A Car Door With A Screwdriver easily.


On the other hand, if you lock the car without a key, and your staying area is really unreachable. In that case, you can not connect with anyone. Naturally, you will not get service from a locksmith. Then you have to do something Yourself. Alright, here we are coming with 5 simple guides, How To Unlock a Car Door With a Screwdriver? 

So let’s know about these with careful reading.


How To Unlock Car Door With Screwdriver? 

Before starting, First, we need to know about screwdrivers. In common sense, we can say that it is a mechanical element. Almost all have this thing. It helps to take out the screw. It is a helpful item in our daily life. 

How To Unlock A Car Door With A Screwdriver in 5 Easy Solutions. 

But, can we ever think that it helps to open a car door? Yes, it happens. Is this hearing funny? We think so. When you practically face this problem, you will realize our lessons. We pray that you do not fall into this problem. Before going to methods first get an idea about screwdrivers.


Different types of Screwdriver:


There are so many screwdrivers in the market. Here we mention some of them.


Flathead screwdriver:

Its head is slotted and sharp. Normally, this type of screwdriver is used to settle car, door or other object’s issues.


Philip screwdriver:

Henry F. Phillips was the founder of this screwdriver. That’s why it is named after his name. Its head is cross-shaped. It has numerous types of designs and sizes.


Magnetic screwdriver:

This screwdriver has a magnetic element on top of the head. So that, you do not need to touch the screw on your hand. Just touch the screwdriver’s topside on the screw head and the task becomes easier. For this reason, it helps to reduce the wasting of time and energy. 


Precision screwdriver:

Normally, this type of screwdriver is used for watches, calculators, mobile or these kinds of small objects. You can operate it, by using your two or three fingers. It had no handle and looked like a pen. 


Buying Guide:

  • First, you must decide what type of screwdriver you actually require.
  • Then, discuss it with a mechanic.
  • Which type of tip of screwdriver do you need, it depends on what type of screw head you work for?
  • Must have an easy handle, which is comfortable to hold.
  • Length according to your requirement.


So, next, go to 5 methods of unlocking a car door with a screwdriver.

How To Unlock A Car Door With A Screwdriver in 5 Easy Solutions. 
How To Unlock A Car Door With A Screwdriver in 5 Easy Solutions.

Method – 1

In the first method, you only need a flathead and a sharp screwdriver. Okay, first you should check your car door. Luckily, you will be finding one unlocked door. If your luck does not help you, then you can try this technique.


To unlock your car door, first, you need to push the screwdriver’s head into the car door’s hole. Push the screwdriver ahead unless it compels itself from the gap. Okay, remove the screwdriver and now the door can be opened. Let’s try, yes, you can open the car door easily, we think so.


But, there is a small issue. You will need to repair your car door lock, after the work you have done. If this process does not solve your problem you can try our next step.


Method – 2

If you have an auto-lock car, then this technique will benefit you. For this step, you have to keep yourself two flat screwdrivers and a slim brass rod. It is a little bit tougher than the first step. First, you must try to open the top of the car gate a little bit, with the screwdriver. Then put another screwdriver beside the door lightly. 


Now insert the brass rod into the car slowly and carefully. Bit by bit reach the rod near the auto-lock button. Then, you require to squeeze the unlock button.  Finally, the door has unlocked! 


Note: you must take extra care when you do this task. Because a little incautiousness may scratch your car. 


Method – 3

Okay, if this step also fails then what will you do? Nothing to be upset about. We have another technique to open a locked car. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start it.


For this method, you need a slim jim and flathead screwdriver. The basic concept, pull on one side and push on the other to navigate the loop, that you would slide over the vertical knob. Same basic steps. You probably have to snoop the door a little bit. 

Okay, slide the slim jim down, fit it into the knob and pull up. Then you can see your car door is unlocked. 


Method – 4

For our fourth process, you need a sharp and thin head screwdriver and a rope. You can complete this method in two steps. First, slide the string in through the top corner of the door. 


Tips: when you go to fit the string in. You might run into weather stripping and rubber moulding that does not get you past it, so use a thin object to guide the string in over from the rubber moulding. So we use a thin screwdriver.


Second, once the string is inside the door, move it to one side of the window and make a slip knot. Here is a better way of how to make one: basically it is like tying your shoe. Pull on one side it tightens your knot you pull on the other side it tightens your loop. Now force the slip knot into the window area and try to fit it over the knob. 


Tips: if your loop is pointing away from the knob you can twist the string and slide the twisted part into the window area and then pull back to make the loop point in the right direction. Once you put the loop over the knob. Pull the string end apart to tie the knot and pull it up.


Method – 5

If your car has no vertical knob or it is not an auto-lock car, then our fifth and final method is probably for you. Alright, you have an inside handle-based locking system car. Then we can try to utilize the handle to unlock the door.


To activate the process you need a screwdriver as before and a wire. First, bend the wire and grab the other end of your wire hanger and make a loop about the finger in size. Make sure to twist it a few times. Otherwise, the grip does not loosen up, when you pull on it. 


Next, pry the top corner of the door and fit a thin head screwdriver in it. Practically, you are thoroughly trying to open it just big enough to fit the wire in it. Once the wire is through the loop over the handle, bring the wire down slowly. So that you can pull the handle straight back, Instead of half up – half back. 


Finally, your most difficult car, which has no auto-lock or vertical knob, has opened. This car door is a little more tricky than others.



This is one of the most dangerous methods in terms of harming your car, so proceed with caution. You need two tools for this, 1 Phillips style screwdriver and 1 metal rod or something that looks and acts like one with a little hook on the end. So, how to pick a car lock with this method? Let’s do it.

How To Unlock A Car Door With A Screwdriver in 5 Easy Solutions. 

  1. Put the screwdriver inside the gap between your door and your car’s body.
  2. You are going to pry your door open with this, start pulling out on it.
  3. Now, slide your rod down in between the gap that we created by prying the door open with a screwdriver.
  4. Aim the rod towards your unlock button on the inside of the car.
  5. Hit that guy, and kaboom– in about 25 seconds you will have your car door open.



If you try to unlock your car, then you will find that you break the locker. On the other hand, you noticed that you broke the window’s glass. Then what will happen? By the way, why do we ask about it? Obviously, there are some problems. 


Because there are so many tips and tricks available online. They are absolutely beneficial. But there are some fake tips or methods. If you follow them, your car door will be damaged. Also, you have to count extra money to demurrage your car. So before applying you must verify those methods’ authenticity.



When you follow these steps, you have to be more careful. Because through these elements you or your car may be hurt. Another thing is if you do not have enough knowledge about your car, then it will be better not to fix it yourself. Please contact the locksmith to unlock your car door.


At the last moment of the article, we can say that a screwdriver is one of the most important elements to fix our mechanical issues. However, a screwdriver is a simple aspect. Without it, we will not be able to repair our electronics or other objects.

We hope that you guys understand the methods of how to unlock a car door. By any chance, if you accidentally face this issue, you can be overcome using these techniques. Also, you have learned about different types of screwdrivers. Through this information, you can easily buy the right one for you and fix your car with a screwdriver

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